SSWUG_LOGO_simpleOnline Communities are about sharing, learning as a group and leveraging the experiences of the audience for the good of all in the community. Truly successful communities include significant transparency in their work and provide not only a sounding board for challenges, but also a way to talk about successes.

SSWUG.ORG is a database community with 100’s of 1000’s of members that interact, write articles, create videos and more – all in the support of database and application development technologies.The community thrives on the trust that members have garnered as the community has grown, leading to new opportunities ranging from books to online courses to employment.We can apply our extensive experience in building and managing your community. We can help with the technological aspect of the community, and we can help with building the interaction and activity for the community.

Contact us – let’s talk about your goals and see how we can best work together to serve your audience.