Webcasts and webinars, virtual conferences and expos, online courseware and classes - vConferenceOnline platform will make sure your event is outstanding.

Virtual exhibit booths, free and attendee-paid events and classes, and many sponsorship tools all round out the excellent platform options that we offer.

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We can help tune your systems, find areas for meaningful improvement and suggestions for innovative ideas.

Our teams of professionals provide services ranging from remote database administration services to development services utilizing Microsoft technologies and on-site and/or cloud-based solutions.

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To us, it's more than just a catch-phrase: we run one of the largest online communities, with a trustworthy environment and engaging conversations. We create an environment where people can learn, share, and work together.

True communities accelerate learning, provide compelling opportunities, and leverage group experiences for the benefit of all.

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Our Goal

Bits on the Wire is all about applying technology in new ways to get information out to your key audience.  This may be shareholders, customers, potential customers or employees.  We give you the platforms to interact, to share, to broadcast your information in a way that makes sense to your audience.  We emphasize easy to

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